Rio Body Butter


Rio Body Butter
The richly scented Body butter with an amazing aroma of Brazilian beaches is to make a stunning change to your skin. Keeping your skin and body needs in consideration, our body butter is formulated such that its results leave you amazed. Your body needs regular miniaturization and this is where our Rio Body Butter comes in.
This product gets you
• A more glossy and smooth skin
• Hydrated needs of your skin fulfilled
• A creamy and velvety feeling


This richly radiant butter sinks in your skin quickly and instantly moisturizes and hydrate it restoring the freshness an entirely new way. If you love scent of L’Occitane, this concoction is a perfect choice to go with. The butter hydrates you and keeps your skin moisturized. Moreover, there comes a spa spoon along. So, you will be able to have the right amount for the right results.


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