Ocean Body Butter


The ocean body butter lets you dive deep into the ocean of freshness. Ocean butter has the freshness and richness of fresh aromas packed in it. This extra moisturizing butter fulfills your body’s hydration needs and from head to toe. It works wonders to heal the dry and cracked skin and transform it into a silky and velvety one.
It is made with intention to
• Take care of your skin
• Make you feel lightly scented
• Bring you a relaxed and smooth feeling

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The ocean body butter brings the wave of freshness and novelty to you. It soothes your skin and protects you every day from outside effects. It melts into your skin and heals cracks and dryness of your skin delivering incredible results. It brightens and fades out of the pigmented skin tone and does skin therapy. The body butter comes along with a spa spoon.


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