LeMoan Body Mousse


When taking care of one’s health, self-cleaning is a top priority. The importance of keeping one’s body cleaned and glamorous can never be ignored. A ten minutes shower with Le’Moan Body Mousse can transform your body with an amazing shower experience. This heavenly scented body wash is formulated so well to exceed your expectations.
Our Le’ Moan body mousse
• Brings a pampered feeling
• Leaves a nose-pleasing aroma
• Brings nourishing feeling
• Makes your skin glossy

One can never underestimate the power of a richly formulated amazing body wash because it can do magic to your skin. Le'Moan Body Mousse is rich with the ingredients that are beneficial to your health and skin. Moreover, we made this foaming wash to purge and clean your skin with sweet aromas. The spa spoon we bring you with every product helps you get the right amount for correct use.


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