Layla Body Butter


The body butter is made nutrient-rich with sensual fragrances that perfectly suit every skin type. It soothes your skin whether it’s oily, dry, or sensitive in any other way. In addition to keeping you hydrated, the product is designed to bring extra-nourishing moisture. With all the essential oils as ingredients, it works to get your skin’s stretches and dryness disappeared.
Our Layla Body Butter
• Balances your skin tone
• Is featured with extra nourishment ability
• Brings a glossy skin
• Delights your senses and makes you feel lighter

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Get your fragrances layered with the sweet aroma that Layla Body Butter brings to you. It pampers you in a great velvety way. You have just to buy this masterpiece to take care of yourself with a creamy butter on your skin. The spa spoon is to make you get the right amount out of the jar and apply according to recommendations.



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